TCM Workshop, Beijing

16.05.2018 | Beijing(China)
Ralf Sibbing, Manager Partner of Diapharm, and Dr Rainer Kolkmann, Senior Expert, will hold a workshop in Beijing for Chinese companies planning to bring Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) to Europe. The workshop explains the European regulatory and quality requirements pertaining to medicinal products and especially to TCM. It is organised by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health (CCCMHPIE).

Diapharm’s Ralf Sibbing will explain the possibilities for innovations in OTC products, which are available to patients without prescription, because in Europe TCMs typically are registered as OTC medicines. Dr Kolkmann focusses on successful marketing authorisations for Chinese medicinal products and on regulatory requirements, and in particular on solutions for TCMs entering Europe. The workshop also covers issues such as Good Agricultural And Collection Practices (GACP) and the qualification of suppliers of herbal products.

This one-day workshop will provide Chinese companies with an understanding of the prerequisites needed in order to successfully place Traditional Chinese Medicines on the market in Europe.



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