Portfolio strategy for OTC products

Diapharm helps companies set themselves apart from the competition and make their OTC product portfolios a source of innovation to secure their long-term success.

The medicinal products market is subject to intense competitive pressure – especially in the healthcare and OTC segments. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies face the constant challenge of launching new products as line extenders, innovative new OTC products or by switching an active pharmaceutical ingredient from Rx to OTC.

A look at non-pharmacy markets shows that healthcare and OTC products have significantly shorter life cycles than pharmacy products, indicating a need for even faster product development in these markets. In addition, indications that were rarely or never treated over the counter a few years ago are a matter of course today. But this also means that other indications are fading into insignificance or losing potential market share. Pharmaceutical companies face a constant challenge and need to tackle the issue of finding the right solution to this situation and adding new products to their portfolios on a constant basis. Diapharm is your OTC specialist to help your OTC portfolio grow.

Development of new products

We not only draft overarching portfolio strategies for our clients, but also work together with them to develop specific, promising and legally viable new OTC products. A number of factors set successful product developments apart, such as:

  • Innovative and optimised formulations
  • New active ingredients and dosage forms
  • Interesting indications and potential claims supported by evidence
  • Time to market
  • Market-compatible manufacturing costs
  • New concept ideas and targeted switches
  • Sound solutions from a regulatory perspective
  • Marketability
  • Medical and scientific evidence and studies
  • Quality and product safety

If necessary, we can search for and broker the right OTC product and development project, reducing the time needed for market launch. We also look at companies’ current OTC portfolios to uncover optimisation potential.

The right indications and claims

Healthcare and OTC products need secure medium- to long-term marketability plus patient- and customer-oriented indications or claims to ensure their success on the market. Medicinal products, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics are subject to strict requirements and a wide range of different regulations.

We support clients when it comes to their portfolio strategy and product development so that every one of their healthcare and OTC products can become a long-term strategic market success. By doing so, we lay the foundation for future growth.

Photo:  Stefan Sandner
Dr. Stefan Sandner
Managing Partner
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Nicole Sibbing

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