OTC products & dossiers for licensing

Diapharm lays the foundations for future growth in the OTC industry in Europe: We offer licenses for innovative OTC products and dossiers with clear indications in line with regulatory requirements and with interesting strategic concepts.

We develop new, innovative OTC products for the European market. For medicinal products, all marketing authorisation documents are available as CTD (common technical document) dossiers. For all OTC products, we can manage the necessary regulatory steps if required. We currently offer more than 90 licenses for market-ready OTC approvals.

Get in touch with us if you would like to supplement your product portfolio with interesting OTC products with attractive indications!

Attractive OTC indications in our product licences:

Aches and migraine

Herbal OTC products for pain relief in rheumatic complaints, joint pain or migraine

Cardiac insufficiency

Herbal OTC medicines for the treatment of nervous heart complaints

Climacteric Symptoms & Menstrual Disturbances

Traditional herbal medicines for the relief of various menstrual and menopausal complaints


THMP remedies for strengthening in states of exhaustion and lack of strength

Gastro-intestinal disorders

OTC medicines for the symptomatic treatment of mild gastro-intestinal complaints

Nervous Tension, Sleep Disorder & Symptoms of Stress

Traditional herbal OTC medicines to help with nervous tension, mild anxiety, stress and related sleep problems

Weight control

Herbal medicines to support a calorie-reduced weight-loss diet



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