Strategies for food supplements

Diapharm analyses food supplement manufacturers’ existing product portfolios and provides qualified ideas for their development.

We focus on food supplements as well as foods for special medical purposes (FSMP), medicinal products, medical devices and cosmetics – with a special focus on what are commonly known as cosmeceuticals.

Portfolio analysis and strategy

The first stage of many projects consists of a portfolio analysis, during which we identify areas with optimisation potential. Together with our clients, we then develop creative product ideas that are marketable from a regulatory perspective. We identify the opportunities for companies and help strengthen them in the long term. Portfolio analysis can cover:

  • The entire portfolio
  • Single products or markets
  • New markets and sales channels
  • New product ideas and developments

We provide an efficient, high-quality and far-sighted analysis of portfolios in the pharma/healthcare market and determine optimisation potential.

For new and improved food supplements

Diapharm helps companies develop a portfolio strategy that allows them to position themselves optimally in the market for food supplements, dietetic foods and foods for special medical purposes. We play an active role in helping make companies’ workflows more transparent and efficient. The following elements make Diapharm’s portfolio strategies stand out:

  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Illustration of the optimisation potential
  • Development of product ideas that meet regulatory requirements
  • Development of new products
  • Ongoing support and responsible implementation on site as well

We develop the portfolio strategies of tomorrow – laying the foundation for our clients’ long-term growth.

Axel Turowski
Associate Director Regulatory Affairs

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