Cosmetics audits – GMP and more

Good manufacturing practice for cosmetics (cosmetics GMP) has been in place for years and is based on the ISO 22716 standard, which functions as a set of GMP guidelines for the cosmetics industry. It can require cosmetics manufacturers, sales and retail companies to take certain actions. It also affects medicinal products manufacturers which carry a supplementary range of cosmetics.

Working as an auditor, Diapharm offers its clients tailored audits, such as the supervision of GMP regulations, customer-specific supplier audits or in-house mock audits. Once an audit has been completed, Diapharm can offer additional services for implementing measures derived from it. Within this context, we provide companies with a range of consultancy and supportive services, such as assistance with establishing or optimising their cosmetics manufacturing processes in compliance with GMP regulations and Regulation (EC) 1223/2009.

Cosmetics GMP: custom-tailored audits

Our cosmetics GMP audits encompass the entire spectrum of ISO 22716 and incorporate customer-specific requirements. Our services include:

  • Third-party audits – neutral inspections based on cosmetics GMP guidelines
  • Supplier audits – GMP regulations and customer-specific requirements
  • In-house audits – inspection of cosmetics GMP and internal processes
  • Preparatory audits – preparation for audits by customers and government bodies
Photo:  Bernhard Weber
Dr. Bernhard Weber
Associate Director Quality Management
Photo:  Elena Volodina
Dr. Elena Volodina
Senior Consultant

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