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As a healthcare and pharmaceutical service provider, we are where our clients are, all around the world. In Germany, Austria, China and the Netherlands – and everywhere else our clients need us.

How to get to Diapharm in Germany

Diapharm Münster
Hafenweg 18-20
48155 Münster • Germany
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Diapharm Lübeck

Maria-Goeppert-Straße 5
23562 Lübeck • Germany
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Diapharm Oldenburg

Würzburger Straße 3
26121 Oldenburg • Germany     
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Diapharm Frankfurt

An der Welle 5
60322 Frankfurt / Main • Germany    


How to get to Diapharm in Austria

Diapharm Austria GmbH
Hintzerstraße 5/2
1030 Wien • Austria
WWW: at.diapharm.com


How to get to Diapharm in the Netherlands

Diapharm BV
Graaf Engelbertlaan 75
4837 DS Breda, Netherlands
WWW: nl.diapharm.com


How to get to Diapharm in China

Diapharm GmbH & Co. KG • Shanghai Representative Office
Unit 1530 L’Avenue Shanghai
99 XianXia Road, Changning
200051 Shanghai • China
WWW: cn.diapharm.com
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  2. Service hotline: +49 251 609350 
    +43 1 5321606 
    +31 133029063 
    +86 21 6057 7019 

  3. E-Mail: info@diapharm.com

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