Borderline issues

When it comes to market access, Diapharm provides advice and support with professional excellence and creative ideas. We are fully acquainted with the legal requirements for food supplements, dietetic products, medicinal products, medical devices, and cosmetics. We are also fully aware of the opportunities these laws present.

Market access: options and strategies

Our services for borderline products and market access include:

  • Analysis of regulatory hurdles and opportunities for human and veterinary medicinal products, food supplements and dietetic products, medical devices and cosmetics
  • Advice on issues relating to borderline products
  • Evaluation of intended product claims and/or indications
  • Marketability testing of formulation, product positioning, advertising claims
  • Evaluation of borderline products
  • Scientific advice/consultation with regulatory authorities

We find the right balance of regulatory affairs and product management for products so that our clients can take advantage of every economic opportunity. For food supplements, dietetic products, medicinal products, medical devices or cosmetics.

Photo:  Axel Turowski
Axel Turowski
Associate Director Regulatory Affairs

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