03/26/2020 | Eimear Schulte

Eimear Schulte
Associate Director Global Audit Solutions

In uncertain and challenging times, mindfulness, proactive planning and the willingness to work with unconventional solutions are particularly valuable qualities. We at Diapharm continue to be there for you as a reliable partner – even though we currently cannot meet face to face with our clients.

Diapharm has taken steps to keep working under the current conditions. As a result, we are able to continue supporting our clients in ensuring the safety and marketability of their medicinal and healthcare products while meeting regulatory requirements.

In the current climate, with travel and access restrictions rendering essential audits of suppliers and active ingredients impossible, product safety is a particularly common challenge that many in the pharmaceuticals industry face.

Our sharing models for previous audits offer a practical alternative to individual on-site audits. Simply contact us!

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