Pharmaceutical service provider Diapharm trading under a new name

Ralf Sibbing
Ralf Sibbing bleibt Mitglied der Diapharm-Geschäftsführung - künftig in der Diapharm GmbH & Co. KG.

Pharmaceutical service provider Diapharm ( has undergone a corporate restructuring. Previously separate legal entities, the companies Diapharm Regulatory Services GmbH, Diapharm GmbH and Hälsa Pharma GmbH have now merged to form Diapharm GmbH & Co. KG. The company’s founder, Dr. Stefan Sandner, remains the general partner of the new company. He founded Diapharm in 1988 as a specialist consultancy for regulatory affairs. In just under 25 years, the company has now grown into an international service provider, with offices in Bielefeld, Bucharest, London, Lübeck, Münster, Oldenburg and Vienna.

Services for medicinal products and healthcare products

“With our new, more streamlined corporate structure, we are now prepared for sustained growth over the next 25 years,” explains Martin Vortkamp, new member of the executive board of Diapharm GmbH & Co. KG. Together with Ralf Sibbing, he will guide the fortunes of approximately 100 members of staff in the fields of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Management, Medical & Clinical and Business Development. Martin Vortkamp was previously Director of Regulatory Affairs and Business Development at Diapharm. The company supports players within the medicinal product and healthcare product industry in all regulatory, medical and pharmaceutical questions concerning medicinal products, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics.

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