Europharm SMC International Meeting 2017

03/09/2017 | Europharm SMC | München (DE)
Europharm SMC
Dr Rainer Kolkmann discusses the Pros and Cons of Herbal Medicinal Products at Europharm SMC’s International Meeting 2017 in Munich. Diapharm’s Head of Product Development will explain which indications are eligible for Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products and the meaning of “non-western medicines” and how they can fit into the regulatory frameworks in Europe.

In addition to being a networking event, the two-day meeting covers a broad range of lectures on topics such as:

  • Food Supplements (n.n.)
  • Self-Care Medical Devices Framework (Simone Breitkopf, MD PhD, Alcon)
  • OTC, Self-Care Medical Devices, Food Supplements and Herbal Products: Market trends and Opportunities in Germany and Central Europe (Dr. Frank Wartenberg, IMS Health)
  • The importance of Regulatory Affairs in daily business and the related costs for a company: study cases and practical examples (Telma Costa, 4H HealthCare Group)
  • Herbal Medicinal Products (Dr Rainer Kolkmann, Diapharm)

Europharm SMC is Europe’s industry association for small to medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. Its aim is to provide specialized information & communication services contributing to competitiveness.

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