Dr Thilo Sandner sets sights on growth for Diapharm

Dr Thilo Sandner will take over the tasks performed by Ralf Sibbing.

The pharmaceutical consulting company Diapharm (www.diapharm.com) is setting its sights on growth. “The rapidly changing pharmaceutical market calls on us to be agile,” says Dr Thilo Sandner, principal shareholder and General Manager of Diapharm. As a result, the company plans to significantly increase the number of employees once again over the course of this fiscal year. The company already employs nearly one hundred experts to develop strategies for healthcare products and to provide market access and maintenance support.

Dr Thilo Sandner, a management consultant who has served as Diapharm’s General Manager since January 2019, will lead the company alone moving forward. Ralf Sibbing, a pharmacist who has so far served as Diapharm’s second General Manager, leaves the firm. “We wish Ralf Sibbing all the best in his professional endeavours,” Dr Thilo Sandner says. “In future, Diapharm will act on behalf of its clients with a clearer structure in addition to its excellent professional expertise.”

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