Dr Serap Açikgöz is new head of laboratory at Diapharm Analytics

Dr Serap Açikgöz takes over as head of the laboratory at pharmaceutical service provider Diapharm’s Oldenburg offices.

Dr Serap Açikgöz took over as head of the laboratory team at Diapharm Analytics GmbH in late February 2015. The service laboratory of Diapharm (www.diapharm.com) supports pharmaceutical companies in analytical quality control. In addition to stability and batch release testing, the company also provides method development and method validation services to ensure the quality of Diapharm clients’ medicinal products.

Dr Açikgöz has a doctorate in chemistry. Prior to joining Diapharm, she worked at the University of Bremen in the field of analytical research. The GMP-certified service laboratory in Oldenburg can now benefit from her experience in instrumental analysis.

“We are pleased to have a highly qualified specialist in the person of Dr Açikgöz on board for the day-to-day management of our team,” Dr Sven Oliver Kruse, General Manager of Diapharm Analytics GmbH, said. “We expect exciting new ideas and inspiration from the expertise that Dr Açikgöz brings with her from her work in instrumental analysis and in sample preparation involving difficult matrices.” Dr Kay Buchholz will remain in charge of regulatory and analytical consulting on the laboratory’s management team. Dr Elke Freese-Willms will continue to serve as head of quality control and bear responsibility for batch release in her role as qualified person.

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