Diapharm strengthens pharmacovigilance team with Dr Hartmut Kley

Dr Hartmut Kley is Diapharm’s new Senior Manager Pharmacovigilance

Dr Hartmut Kley has joined Diapharm (www.diapharm.com) as Senior Manager Pharmacovigilance, marking an additional expansion of the pharmaceutical service provider’s activities in the field of drug safety. The company monitors and evaluates the risk/benefit profile of medicinal products on an ongoing basis on behalf of its clients, compiles the required safety reports (PSURs, PBRERs), conducts pharmacovigilance audits and assumes responsibility for a number of roles, such as qualified person for pharmacovigilance. “We see great potential in this field,” says Diapharm founder Dr Stefan Sandner. “As a result, we are particularly pleased to have been able to attract an extremely experienced consultant and auditor such as Dr Hartmut Kley.”

Dr Hartmut Kley comes to Diapharm from GQS Gesellschaft für Qualitätssicherung in der klinischen Forschung mbH. He holds a doctorate in pharmacy and has held various senior positions in the past, such as qualified person for pharmacovigilance (Stufenplanbeauftragter) in Germany at Schwarz Pharma (now UCB) and Boehringer Mannheim (now Roche). Münster is familiar territory for Dr Hartmut Kley, who completed his doctoral work there after studying pharmacy in Freiburg and earning his licence as a registered pharmacist.

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