Diapharm adds Anja Kapelski to its GMP and Quality Management consultancy team in Bielefeld

Anja Kapelski verstärkt seit Juli 2011 das Team für GMP- und Qualitätsmanagement-Beratung beim Pharma-Dienstleister Diapharm.

Diapharm (www.diapharm.com) is expanding its GMP and Quality Management consultancy team. From July, Anja Kapelski has joined the team at the Bielefeld office. Her role at the pharmaceutical service provider will be to plan and implement the development of GMP compliant management systems for pharmaceutical companies. Diapharm advises manufacturers of medicinal products and medical devices on quality issues and can, for example, be present at GMP inspections by regulatory authorities. Diapharm also takes responsibility for the release of medicinal products and medical devices on behalf of third parties.

Anja Kapelski was previously employed at R. P. Scherer GmbH & Co. KG, where her responsibilities included GMP training, as well as the role of GMP auditor and Manager of Change Control in Quality Assurance. Other past roles include a similar position at food manufacturer Heinrich Nölke GmbH & Co. KG. She has a degree in nutritional science from the University of Bonn.

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