Crossover Solutions: Inspiring Product Development

06/10/2015 | Heidelberg (DE)
Gelita AG
On the Gelita symposium in Heidelberg (Germany), Dr. Annermarie Dengler of Diapharm’s partner red otc development will speak about how to choose the right category for your new product. She discusses how a regulatory status as medicinal product, food, medical device or cosmetic defines marketing opportunities and distribution challenges.

During her talk Dr. Annemarie Dengler will cover these topics

  • SOTC medicinal products, food, medical devices, cosmetic – defining the product status of new health care products
  • Regulatory versus marketing and distribution challenges
  • Discussion of current market trends

The Gelita global industry meeting focuses on the topic “Crossover Solutions: Inspiring Product Development.“ During this two day symposium, nine highly regarded speakers discuss how one can learn from other industries to create innovative ideas and cross boundaries. Another core topic are proteins, gelatine and collagen peptides and how they can be used in different products. Interactive sessions on both days will present application examples.

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