Analytical and regulatory consulting

Analysis requires consultation – and for this, the Diapharm Analytics pharmaceutical laboratory, a Tentamus company, is at your service. Diapharm Analytics is familiar with the legal requirements and knows exactly how the regulatory authorities interpret these in practice, allowing for the development of analytical methods that are optimised for your needs for each product.

Target-optimization means that Diapharm Analytics keeps a close eye on the product, the market and the distribution chain, as well as the resulting framework of regulatory conditions throughout the analytical consulting process. The result are customised, effective and efficient pharmaceutical analytical methods. Having a good concept results in achieving success more rapidly, while saving time and resources and securing both product and method sustainability. The pharmaceutical laboratory develops concepts that are custom tailored to fit individual needs and are able to provide complete solutions as needed.

Diapharm Analytics laboratory services include:

  • Analytical consulting
  • Scientific advice
  • Processing deficiency letters from regulatory agencies
  • Integrated project management
  • Integration of client’s resources and expertise
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