Healthcare and pharmaceutical consulting

With a proven combination of pharmaceutical and business expertise, we provide our clients with expert support – both when it comes to the big picture and details.

Portfolio strategy for healthcare and OTC companies

As a pharmaceutical consulting firm, we provide our clients with strategic advice to optimise their consumer healthcare and OTC product portfolios and uncover potential. We jointly develop creative product ideas an help make them ready for the market. If needed, we search for, find and broker appropriate licences, projects and contract manufacturers internationally and in all segments, including medicinal products, medical devices, biocides, food supplements, foods for special medical purposes and cosmeceuticals. We know the market, analyse strengths and weaknesses using comparative figures and key performance indicators, and assess opportunities in their context. In doing so, we support growth with sustainable, future-ready concepts.

Rx, OTC and CHC consulting

We provide specialised know-how well beyond the capacities of classical consultants. Diapharm’s experts are there to help in all technical and scientific matters regarding consumer healthcare products,  OTC- and Rx medicines  – from choosing the right authorisation strategy while setting up and overseeing talks with the proper authorities (scientific advice) to the efficient implementation of safety monitoring (pharmacovigilance, post-marketing surveillance, cosmetovigilance).



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