TCM Internationalisation Symposium

11.05.2017 | Beijing (CN)
Dr Rainer Kolkmann, Head of Product Development at Diapharm, will hold special training sessions for Chinese companies that plan to bring Traditional Chinese Medicines, or TCM, to Europe. The training is part of the “TCM Internationalisation Symposium” organised by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health (CCCMHPIE) and Diapharm.

Dr Kolkmann will put a special focus on the regulatory and analytical requirements for Herbal Medicinal Products in the EU, because most Traditional Medicines in China are of herbal origin. Other aspects include the legal status of different types of products, quality requirements (GMP) and monographs, dossiers (CTD), registration procedures and their pitfalls. The one-day symposium will provide Chinese companies with an understanding of the prerequisites needed in order to successfully place TCM products on the market in Europe.

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